How to Get Your Licence Back After a DUI in BC

When you are convicted of impaired driving, your licence will be suspended. If you want to drive again, you must apply to have your licence reinstated. Here’s how. Driving bans for DUI BC When the police find you driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your licence will be immediately seized. So long […]

British Columbia’s New Civil Forfeiture Rules

The Government of British Columbia has implemented new legislation to tighten the province’s civil forfeiture rules. What is civil forfeiture? Civil forfeiture is when a government appointed body – called the Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) – seizes assets believed to be the proceeds or instruments of crime. These assets could be property, money, vehicles or […]

What Happens When You Get a DUI in BC?

If you are caught driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs in British Columbia, the consequences depend on a number of factors. This includes your driving experience, the amount of alcohol in your body, and the discretion of the attending police officer.  DUI BC ‘DUI’ stands for ‘driving under the influence’. In BC, this means […]

Is Tax Evasion a Criminal Offence in Canada?

Yes, tax evasion is a criminal offence in Canada. If you are convicted of tax evasion, you could face a significant fine and even a jail sentence.  What is tax evasion? Tax evasion is when you deliberately ignore or break Canada’s tax laws, with the intention of paying less tax. For example, you could inflate […]

Bail Pending Appeal Explained

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence and you are making an appeal, you could apply for bail. If successful, you will be released from custody until your appeal hearing.   Bail pending appeal When you are found guilty of a criminal offence, the court may impose a prison sentence. If you believe […]

Summary Conviction Appeals in British Columbia

If you are found guilty of a summary offence, you might be able to appeal the decision. This is known as a summary conviction appeal. Can I make a summary conviction appeal? Summary offences are less serious offences, such as minor assaults and careless driving. If you are charged with a summary offence, a trial […]