Should I Hire a Lawyer for Identity Theft?

Yes, if you have been charged with identity theft, you should instruct a defence lawyer to represent you. Being found guilty of identity theft can have serious consequences for the rest of your life. It is therefore vital to get the best legal representation available.   Identity theft penalties If you are found guilty of […]

What to Do After a Roadside Prohibition

After being handed an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP), you need to surrender your driving licence and arrange transport for the remainder of your journey. Then, you need to investigate whether there are any grounds for review. If so, this could result in your driving prohibition being revoked or varied. BC drinking and driving laws In […]

Can You Go to Jail for Embezzlement?

Yes, you can go to jail for embezzlement. In Canada, the maximum sentence you can receive for embezzlement depends on the value of the stolen property. If it is less than $5,000, the maximum prison sentence is two years. If it is more than $5,000, the maximum prison sentence is 10 years. What is considered […]

Classification of Cyber Crime in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) defines cybercrime to be ‘any crime where cyber – the internet and information technologies, such as computers, tablets, personal digital assistants or mobile devices – has a substantial role in the commission of a criminal offence.’ Types of Cybercrime The RCMP also breaks cybercrime down into two categories: Technology […]

5 FAQs About Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

Getting an immediate roadside prohibition (IRP) can be scary, and you might not really know what to expect. To clarify a few matters, we’ve answered five of the most frequently asked questions below. If you need further legal advice, or you want to challenge an IRP, please contact us at Mickelson and Whysall Law Corporation. […]

How to Get Your Licence Back After a DUI in BC

When you are convicted of impaired driving, your licence will be suspended. If you want to drive again, you must apply to have your licence reinstated. Here’s how. Driving bans for DUI BC When the police find you driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your licence will be immediately seized. So long […]

British Columbia’s New Civil Forfeiture Rules

The Government of British Columbia has implemented new legislation to tighten the province’s civil forfeiture rules. What is civil forfeiture? Civil forfeiture is when a government appointed body – called the Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) – seizes assets believed to be the proceeds or instruments of crime. These assets could be property, money, vehicles or […]