Everything You Need to Know About Civil Forfeiture

Do you have a question about civil forfeiture? Below we answer some frequently asked questions. If you need further legal advice, or you would like legal representation, contact our Vancouver Criminal Lawyers today. Call a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer at 604-688-8588 Now! What is civil forfeiture in Canada? Civil forfeiture is when a provincial government seeks […]

Credibility in Sexual Assault Cases

Credibility is central to sexual assault cases. If the court does not believe the complainant, the accused must be acquitted. If the court believes the accused, the case must be dismissed. If the court is unsure whom to believe, the accused must be acquitted. Sometimes independent evidence assists in determining the truth. However, often there […]

What Happens When You Are Charged with Sexual Assault?

If you have been charged with sexual assault, you might be wondering – what happens next? This is perfectly understandable, as most people are completely unfamiliar with the court process. Below we explore the process of a sexual assault charge in more detail, starting from the moment you are arrested. This will help you understand […]

What to Do When Charged With Domestic Assault

If you have been charged with domestic assault and now cannot go home, it will no doubt present serious difficulties. However, it may be possible to get your bail conditions varied, meaning you would be allowed back to your property. A domestic assault lawyer in Vancouver can help you with this. To find out more, […]