Theft & Fraud Offences

An allegation of theft is extremely upsetting. Getting an advocate on your side early is a big advantage. Theft is the taking of another’s property without permission or consent with the intent to deprive the owner. Common defences to theft include mistake or a lack of intent and colour of right or justification. The elements of theft are common to many other crimes of dishonesty such as fraud, possession of stolen property, tax evasion, break and enter and money laundering.

The lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall have handled many theft and fraud cases. Whether it is an allegation of shoplifting or a more serious charge of theft from your employer, we have the experience to successfully guide you through the process. The lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall have experience handling both minor allegations as well as more serious charges of large scale fraud or tax evasion.

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