Recent Criminal Cases

A note about case reporting: The lawyers of Mickelson & Whysall work hard to earn the trust of their clients, as well as the family and friends of clients. The stigma of facing a criminal charge is distressing and it can be made worse by excessive media attention.

It is this office’s policy, therefore, to not discuss your case with anyone without your instructions and only then if it serves your best interests.  It is inappropriate in Brian, Joel, and Cathryn’s view to discuss any of their clients’ cases with the media. Our method has proven very effective at protecting our clients’ privacy.

Although there are summaries of cases reported on this website, Mickelson and Whysall protect their clients’ solicitor client privilege to the fullest. Occasionally, news stories and judicial decisions concerning some of their clients exist on the internet independent of this website. If you have any questions about this, please contact the office.

Recent Criminal Cases

The lawyers of Mickelson and Whysall work very hard to garner the best results for their clients and are successful in what they do. To see some of the recent cases that Brian, Joel, and Cathryn have completed please select one of the links below: